Finding Classic Car Body Parts Online

One of the favorite pastimes for many is to rebuild classic cars. It gives one a great feeling to take a car that once a classic automobile but has given way to time and restoring it to like new condition.

Photo: Used Car

When restoring these older cars, there is a great deal of work that goes into the restoration.

Often you can find a car that in good condition would be a great car, but is in poor shape for only a few hundred dollars. Many people restore these older classic cars and resell them for a huge profit. Still others do this strictly or primarily as a hobby. Taking a wreck of a car and working on it yourself  until it is shiny and new again, running as good or better than it did when it rolled off the showroom floor is a great way to spend your hobby time.

When restoring these older cars, there is a great deal of work that goes into the restoration. Often, these cars need to taken apart down to the frame. Once the frame is bare, it will often need to be sanded and repainted with different parts reconditioned and reassembled. However, there will almost certainly be parts that cannot be reconditioned but must be replaced. When it comes to replacement parts, there can be an issue finding them due to the length of time since the car has been in production. Sometime there will be entire body parts that will need to be replaced.

Where To Look For Them?

When looking for classic car body parts, they can be found in a number of places. The first option is to have the parts made one off. There are certainly many metal shops that can fabricate the parts you need as a custom metal job. This, however, if a very expensive proposition and should only be used as a last resort. For many more popular models of classic cars, there are junk or salvage yards that have these models of cars in stock. You can contact these sellers and have the classic car body parts you are looking for shipped to you or pick them up yourself. They will often also need to be sanded and repainted to match the color you will be painting the car. Perhaps the most popular option is aftermarket classic car body parts. They are manufactured in modern factories to the original equipment specification. These can often be ordered online and many companies will have multiple pieces available for each vehicle to the point that the whole body can be replaced on popular models.

What To Look For?

When looking for class car body parts, there are several things you should consider, some of them are listed here.

What Are Some Considerations?

Fit and finish are the most important considerations. Often there will be holes or pathways in the metal panels that are place there during manufacture to allow cables or ducting to pass through. Additionally, the original bolt holes must be intact or else the parts will not fit without additional machining. The better quality aftermarket parts will have these all included, but less expensive models may require some custom fitment. This will not be a problem with parts that are purchased from salvage yards assuming the part was an exact match for the original. Parts from the same vehicle but of different years may be a fit with modifications.

What To Beware Of

As with all purchase, especially those made online, you should beware of many things when considering a purchase. It is a good idea to make sure the company you are dealing with is a reputable one before doing any business with them. There are a myriad of resource online which can help you out the quality of the company you are looking into. Another resource to call upon is the review. There are many sites dedicated to reviews by customers who have shopped at this site before. While one or two negative reviews are to be expected, if there is a bulk of negative reviews, you may want to shop elsewhere as this is likely indicative of a real problem at the company, either in their ability to deliver the product or in their customer service quality.

Where To Find More Information Online?

There are many places to find more information online about classic car body parts. Some good places to start looking are listed below.

Classic Car Parts

A huge site devoted to replacement parts for a wide range of different car brands is They have parts for both domestic and imported cars. They even feature parts for hard to find models from Japan and Europe. Their online catalog features a huge number of body parts for different models. They have everything from door skins to other body parts. They feature suspension parts as well. Different smaller body parts such as taillight lenses and headlight lenses are available here as well. Beyond body parts, the site also has a listing of many other parts including brakes, suspension, steering, and electrical parts. They have almost everything that one would need when restoring a car or simply replacing parts on an existing car.


A site that sells classic car body parts for many of the more popular American classic automobiles is They sell a huge amount of parts for each model of car. They have fenders and body panels, as well as things such as engine mounts, as well as electrical parts, suspension pieces and driveline parts. They have period correct wheels and tires for sale as well. They go even further by offering crate engines direct from the manufacturer as both original equipment manufacturer replacement spec and performance oriented configurations.


Classic Cars have a big section on eBay’s motoring site is located at There many people offer classic car body parts that have been removed from cars that were only in good enough shape to part out. In some instances there may be substantial damage to the rear of a vehicle, but the front fenders are in good shape and can be removed and resold to others who need the parts.